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A Leopard Seal’s Gift

I hesitated to post this video here as it has some pictures of dead penguins killed by the leopard seal in it. In the first shot the penguin is especially…dead. The other dead penguin shots in it, they are still completely in tact. The reason I am posting anyway is that is is an amazing story! Recently more and more  photos and videos are coming out showing animal’s interaction with humans and even with other animals that are far more intimate and caring – than we have ever seen before.

My inner-planes mentor, Thoth tells me that animals and even plants are now becoming more integrated with us and each other due to the shift in the Earth Hologram – now being re-formatted through the planetary matrix of the Pyramids Radius which is developing over and in the planet. Humans also are integrating more with the ONE stream…the same stream all living things on this Earth share. So we are all coming closer and closer together. Eventually, predator meat-eaters (humans would be at the top of the list, but including all) will no longer kill and eat flesh. This includes lions and tigers, folks. Thoth assures me this will happen…the timing determined by the rate of integration living beings on Earth are now experiencing.

A few more videos of incredible communion.

and many more . . .



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