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Baby Wolf Howls

An adorable video! It reminds me of years ago when I went to Arkansas to adopt my wolf, Shekinah (r.i.p.). Two friends went with me and also adopted to wolf pups from another litter. We drove back to Texas and had to stay over night at a friend’s house on the way home. I was the one baby sitting the three baby wolves that night. They had been so quiet during the long ride. They were in a large cage we had brought to transport them, and this was placed right next to my bed. Now these babies were little – five weeks. At first all was quiet and I sunk gratefully into the first stage of sleep. Then all of a sudden in triplicate haromony….”Wooooooo” over and over – teeny-tiny little wolf howls, all perfectly synchronized.

So I got all three of them and cuddled them around me. They stopped howling right away, snuggled down and we four slept like logs in the forest.

My adult Shekinah snuggled too….bathed the cats, and could be backed down from her food bowl by the Alpha male – a fluffy maltese! The Maltese liked to copy Shekinah’s howls early in the morning…first you would hear a very obvious adult wolf howling – chills! And then…oooooo from a tiny throat.

My first moments holding Shekinah.

My first moments holding Shekinah.


grown up

grown up


One response

  1. Barbara Rogers

    Its been my dream to really see a real wolf and touch it I also would Dearly Love to Hold a Baby Lion Cub or a Tiger Cub, Beautiful Story Maia.

    March 14, 2014 at 7:21 pm

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