To Brighten Your Day!

Jackie Evancho – A Shining Light!

Jackie at age 14 (2014)

Jackie at age 14 (2014)


“…when she sings, she sounds like she’s channeling a past life, a future self, or possibly an actual angel.” – Wall Street Journal (commenting on Jackie at age 11)

Jackie not only possesses a voice of true greatness, but she is a PURE SOUL.


Jackie singing one week after her 11th birthday…

at age 14….


From her upcoming album, Awakening…


AWAKENING has a release date of September 22nd

Song List:

1. Think of Me 
2. Your Love
3. Je T’aime
4. Take Me There
5. Open Fields of Grace
6. Ave Maria
7. Memories
8. The Rains of Castamere
9. Dormi Jesu
10. Vocalise
11. With or Without You
12. Made to Dream


One response

  1. How can anyone not fall in love with this beautiful young lady. I firmly believe that we have Earth Angels among us and have always felt that Jackie is an Earth Angel. Her mesmerizing beautiful voice leaves everyone feeling like they had just been touched spiritually. She has effected those in almost every country in the world. She has had to turn down hundreds of offers from the world over. She is of pure heart. She sincerely cares about everyone and every living creature.. God bless her

    June 28, 2014 at 12:41 am

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